Best Wireless Bluetooth Rechargeable Headphones for Listening & Watching from Samsung, Sony, and Sennheiser.


Imagine yourself watching your favorite show or favorite movie on TV. It’s supposed to be entertaining, right? And, you’re probably in need of some rest and relaxation so you chose to watch at home. But then, you still hear all these things around you—you couldn’t even surround yourself with the songs you want, plus it would be uncomfortable to use headphones that are still wired to the television. What do you do now?


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Well, that’s where the need for wireless headphones for your TV comes in. These are the headphones, you’ll need to enjoy whatever you are watching—even without having to sit too near the television! The best headset in this category will enhance the watching and listening experience that you have not tried before! Read on, and learn more about the brands that you should try.


When looking for a pair of wireless headphones for your Television, you have to make sure
that you go for one that transmits sound from at least 100m or 328 feet—and sounds that could be bounced around the room—whether through ceilings or walls! This means that even though you’re lounging on a couch,couple watching and reading or on your bed, you’d still be able to hear clear sounds from the television. It would also be good if the set you choose is something that can transmit audio to two pairs of headphones at a time—so that when you’re watching with someone, both of you don’t have a hard time hearing what’s on TV.


Detailed and Dynamic Sound

girl-with eyes closedOne more thing that you should look for in a Bluetooth headphone is if they could actually give clear, detailed, and precise sound. Sure, a product could present itself as something that could deliver audio even from afar, but are you sure that the audio is clear?  See, even if you could hear sounds from afar, but it’s all too loud—and scattered—or if you feel like you couldn’t even understand what’s being said, then it doesn’t matter whether you hear it or not. In short, you’re looking for something that really deliver accurate sounds—and that would not make you the least bit confused.


Product Specifications

Before choosing, it’s best to compare some of the best brands in the market first. Take a look at the information given below and see which is best for you!


Sennheiser RS 185 RF Wireless System

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Said to have been created with the music lover in mind, Sennheiser makes it easy to hear dynamic sounds—even without the use of wires!

  • Up to 100m/328 feet sound transmission! Sennheiser RS 185 RF is said to be the best head phones for Samsung TV, and other HDTV as it works on a circumaural mechanism, which means that it transmits sounds even from afar—surrounding your room with the sounds you want to hear!
  • Analog and Digital Support. Apart from HDTV, this also works on Analog TV—which means that even your old television systems could now provide you with a perfect entertainment experience you never thought possible!
  • Precise, Detailed, and Dynamic Sound. No more guessing about what was just said.
  • Muti-Purpose Transmitter System. This also comes with docking stations and easy charge cradles.
  • MultiReceiver Transmission. These earphones could also support up to two pairs at a time—making viewing experience even more enjoyable!


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Sony MDR-DS6500 

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The Sony DS6500 were sold on a limited basis only. It has since been discontinued by the manufacturer, but you can still find them at Amazon or eBay.

  • Easy Compatibility. Compatible with most audio formats, including Dolby Digital Surround EX, DTS-ES Matrix, and Dolby Digital, amongst others.
  • 1 Virtual Surround Sound. With these you could watch 3D movies and enjoy not only sights, but also sounds that would make you feel like you’re in a real movie house!
  • Sound Isolation. What’s great is that you get a kind of isolated sound system, which would help you tune out whatever’s going on around you—which makes it perfect for bedside use!



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Sony MDR-RF985RK

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The Sony MDR are great if you own a Samsung TV’s or any tv. There’re made to help you enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows even without tripping on wires!

  • Radio Frequency (RF) Transmission. There is a certain transmitter base where the sound information comes from and could transmit from up to 150 feet of sound.
  • Deep Bass Sounds. Perfect for music lovers and those action-fantasy movies that you like! This comes from powerful ferrite magnets that then transmit High Fidelity sound. It’s reverberating—it’s something that would make you believe whatever’s happening onscreen!
  • Comfort and Convenience. It’s so easy to leave them in your ears for hours—without feeling uncomfortable or that they’re a hassle!
  • Audio Signals are converted! This way, you can plug the headphones in any way you want, and can use it whether for digital or analog TV!


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Sennheiser RS 120

  • Almost Weightless! The RS 120 makes use of an open-back aural system, much like Sennheiser RS 185 that could transmit sounds from up to 328 feet away! Being lightweight, this has padded headband and ear-cushions that make RF Reproduction easy!
  • Metal Cradle Transmitter. These could be used for easy access controls, as well as for storing and charging—making operation incredibly easy!
  • 20 to 24 hours battery life! Another great thing about this product is that it lasts for a long time. You wouldn’t have to worry about it running out of juice, or that you’d have to charge it over and over again just to make it work!
  • Excellent Transmission. These headphones would let sounds bounce off the room—so even if you have some chores to do, you’d still be able to listen to whatever it is you’re watching!
  • Three Selectable RF Channels. These work from up to 350 feet of transmission range and provides perfect reception even amidst walls and ceilings!
  • Includes a lot of accessories. You also  get a charging dock/transmitter, AC Power Supply, mini plug adapter, hero-fiber audio supply, as well as cleaning cloth, too!
  • Extremely Affordable! The RS 120 prove to be some of the most affordable headphones ever. You get not just the gadget but also the accessories for the price of one!


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Everyone wants a perfect viewing experience—but not everyone knows how to make that happen. Luckily, you have now learned about various wireless headphones for your TV that you can use, and hopefully, you have realized they could make your viewing experience a whole lot better!  So, what are you waiting for? Will you settle for a mediocre viewing experience, or will you give yourself the chance to watch TV and listen to sounds without being interrupted? Check out any of the mentioned headphones below.

Sennheiser 185’s      Sony DS6500                     Sony 985’s                  Sennheiser 120

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