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Product Name:Sony XBR70X850B 70-Inch 4K TV
Model #:XBR70X850B
Screen size:62'' x 37" x 3"
Display Technology:LED

Watching sports, reality shows and movies on television is a favorite pastime.


However, it becomes a bad experience when the pictures get fuzzy and colors seem unnatural.


The best solution is to get a 70-inch 4k TV that will produce high-quality images, sharp sounds and convert HD and non-4k content without much calibration.


sony 70 inch 4k tv

If you desire to just sit back and enjoy a stunning viewing experience, then purchase the Sony XBR70X850B 70-Inch 4K 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV.


It promises to give you the brightest and sharpest pictures with its amazing display features.


Moreover, you will also appreciate the Social Viewing feature that makes television watching a community experience.


Enjoying current and future 4K entertainment is at your fingertips.

 70-inch 4k tv

Main Feature: Triluminous Picture Display and Social Viewing

This particular 70-inch 4k TV top attributes includes the wide-gamut color technology that Sony is best known for.


You will be able to view crisp, realistic and true-to-life picture renditions without much calibration efforts on your part.



Sony’s XBR70X850B is also capable of the processing and converting HD and other non-4k content.


With the exception of internet streaming, you can be sure that you will have crisper, up-scaled and more detailed images with Sony’s processing engine.


This TV also has a 3D Passive Quality that you will come to love. It allows viewing the screen’s center at eye level, which deals with cross-talk issues on 3D images, batteries and flickers.


This model already comes with passive 3D glasses so you do not have to go to the theaters to enjoy the depth, crisp textures and vibrant colors of a 3D movie.

The XBR70X850B is designed to convert 2D to 3D. While conversion is dependent on the content, you can test it with a BluRay disc and you will see more depth and more engaging images.


The 3D conversion is easy to access using a dedicated button on the remote control.


The Social Viewing Feature of the Sony XBR70X850B makes it stand out from the rest.


Using a slit screen, you can Skype, follow tweets and watch your favorite TV shows all at the same time.


You can watch together with friends even when you are a hundred miles apart.


It is the perfect way to have fun while watching reality TV shows because you can enjoy scrolling Tweet feeds that talk about your current programming.


It adds the ideal social aspect to your TV viewing experience.


sony friends


Second Main Feature: Design and Accessories

The XBR70X850B is quite sleek in appearance.


It does not come with mammoth speakers on the sides, instead the speaker cavity is in the back.


The slim design is perfect for wall mounting.


It has a simple matte-finished bezel that is barely perceptible, it also has an adjustable stand; needless to say this model is quite stylish.


The unobtrusive design allows it toll frame-less, making the images on screen stand out.


sony lookssony side view4k tv comparsionwhat is the best 4kare 4k tvs worth it


This 4k 70-inch tv comes with a touch/track pad remote that comfortably sits on your hand.


It is quite responsive to the touch and speeds up the scrolling and search process.


While the iPhone App remote can control the tv, but the touch pad remote is more superior and more receptive.


sony remotesony remote 2


The XBR70X850B’s Smart TV layout is more attractive and comes with interesting App selections.


Movies, Music, Albums and Apps are separated into categories and easier to access, better than the Sony Entertainment Network released in 2013.

sony apps


Quick Specifications

Here are the specifications of the Sony XBR70X850B 70-inch 4k tv at a glance:

  • 70 inch tv dimensions: screen is 69.5″ measured diagonally
  • Image processing engine produces quality pictures from different sources
  • TriLuminuos Display provides precise color and clarity and a resolution of 4x 1080p
  • Motionflow XR 240
  • Comes with 2 channel speakers and 2-way speakers (2 Tweeters:30 mm,2 Woofers: 40x100mm)
  • Can convert non-4K content and future HD content
  • Ready Wi-Fi connection
  • Mirrors second screens
  • 120Hz refresh rate, native
  • Comes with 3D-capable glasses
  • Includes two USB ports and four HDMI inputs


Customers Review and Conclusion


With the influx of many Smart TVs in the market, “What is the best 4k tv?” is the question in everybody’s mind.


Here is a comparison, based on customer reviews, between the Sony XBR70X850B and other leading brands: LG and Sharp.

sony vs lg


While the LG 70UF7700 70-inch Smart LED TV has an effective refresh rate of 240Hz compared to Sony’s native 120Hz.


Both Sony and LG have motion blur. But at some point, you may notice judder during panning or credits when viewing on the LG.


Additionally, the LG’s magic remote also does not have backlights and may behave differently when in use for various apps.


The Sony Entertainment Network also has a plethora of Apps unlike LG. LG has great 4K resolution details but in some instances you will have to calibrate levels to make the images look better.


sony vs sharp


On the other hand, you will see a stark difference in resolution when you compare the Sony XBR70X850B  with the Sharp LC-70UD27U.


Customer reviews have noted that the Sharp TV almost always flicker to black, making it a common distraction.


It also produces a grey cast on the Standard mode and the colors are not as crisp or realistic.


You want your TV viewing experience to be colorful but not over-saturated.


Most customers have complained of the purple haze and flaky inputs that come with HDMI and Coax connections.


It is best not to take a gamble when you get a 4k 70 inch tv for your home.


Pros on the Sony XBR70X850B:  It’s super thin profile is perfect for any kind of home and seems as if a beautiful piece of art.


On top of crisp images and detailed 4k resolution, it has amazing sound quality.


The touch pad remote has great precision.


The Triluminuous Display and Social Viewing is the best and most-loved feature of this 70-inch TV.


sony triluminossony x-reality


The only con in buying the Sony XBR70X850B is that it is very pricey.


However, getting the full-array model is a great deal because not only do you get astounding image and color, you are also future-proofed as it is designed to support future 4k content, 4k/60p playback and the latest HDMIs.


Moreover, the 4K Media player from Sony and the Video Unlimited 4k is exclusive to Sony 4k TVs establishing it as the best 70 inch 4k tv.


The solid features of this Smart TV make it worth your hard-earned money. Bring it home today!



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