Unbeatable Picture for the Money – Vizio E700i Review

Product Name:VIZIO E700i-B3
Model #:E700i-B3
Screen size:70 Inches
Display Technology:LED

There are times when your viewing experience is short-changed because of unclear images and interference.


Sometimes your viewing is also interrupted when the television lags and does not display images properly.


It is also annoying when the TV is just a small box and it doesn’t capture the whole scene.


In such cases, the usual remedy is to watch the film on cinema. That, or watch from someone else’s television.


'The sixty inch comes with our exclusive hide away plan.You're welcome to hide away here until your wife calms down.'


These problems are the reasons why the Vizio 70 inch TV has been made.


This television bests other 70 inch TV deals because of the crystal-clear quality and its easy-to-manage interface.


As part of the Vizio E-series,  this smart 70 inch television is powerful and efficient in spite of its slender 10mm frame.


This is the best 70 inch LED TV that Vizio has launched so far, it is WiFi ready.


Thus, you have a quick access to video and movie apps such as Youtube, Netflix, VUDU, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, and iHeart RADIO.



Vizio also boasts of the newest technology: Active LED zones and full-array LED. These two give deeper black levels and brighter light. It also has a refresh rate of 120Hz.


70 inch led tv


Main Features

Because of Vizio’s full-array LED, you get more brilliant pictures for a superior viewing experience.


This latest backlight technology allows ultimate picture performance and light uniformity.


These active LED zones x 18 also adjust the lighting for the screen and create a balanced contrast between the colors and the levels of black.


The result is rewarding for whoever watch films through Vizio: it’s the best picture quality, and also the best in the Vizio E series, according to CNET’s review.



Its smooth Clear Action technology and quick refresh rate promises to show brighter and clearer pictures no matter what you are doing.


Whether you are watching an action-packed flick, you’re playing a video game, or you’re using the TV to browse the Internet.


Vizio lets you watch as if everything is unfolding in your eyes. On the other hand, this 70 inch LED TV promises to deliver consistent color and more responsive images – clear and sharp.


You won’t be bored with set, packed with features and solid specs.


70 inch tv deals



Other Characteristics

  • The Vizio LED TV comes with full-definition capacity, which means that it has over 2 million pixels on the screen. This delivers superior brilliance to films and television shows.

70 inch smart tv



Another good thing about this 70 inch television is its easy-to-navigate app launcher and app home.


Its simple, user-friendly interface allows you to enjoy lots of movies, shows, and games.


You also don’t have to worry about lagging behind because the app automatically updates to give you the latest film or show on the Net.


best 70 inch led tv



Worried about slow connection? Don’t have to be with this bad boy.


Its WiFi capability ensures high-speed Internet access. However, there will be a separate fee for certain service and content. Some applications may not be available depending on your connection.


Some apps may also be modified without prior notice. Nevertheless, Vizio gives you unique entertainment.


How many smart TVs are WiFi ready? Only Vizio has a premium app collection that remains unparalleled.


You can also reorganize the app library according to your preference anytime. It is the goal of Vizio manufacturers to make apps easily located.

70 inch television

  • It is likewise better than the Sony 70 inch smart TV, which has EDGE-Lit backlight LED. While the latter can also access the Internet, it is limited to social media platforms such as Opera Internet Browser, Skype, and Twitter.


Another competitor is Sharp LC smart TV, though it sadly pales in comparison with the Vizio.


Sharp’s 70 inch screen is powered by EDGE-Lit backlight technology was well, and it also has a refresh rate of 120Hz.


It also delivers clear pictures, even those which are in motion.


The downside of Edge-Lit LEDs, however, is poor uniformity, and is especially evident in dark scenes.


On the other hand, most high-end televisions would have active LED zones, wherein smart dimming is possible.


  • If you’re the type who likes multiple screens, you can easily stream content from your gadgets (i.e. phone, tablet, and computer) to your television screen.


led tv refresh rate


Product Specifications

The Vizio LED TV weighs 66.1 pounds and measures 9.8 x 61.7 x 37.8 inches. It also has a built-in speaker and requires two AAA batteries.


Customer Reviews

Customers have been generally happy with the performance and quality from their sets.


It showcases clear and vivid pictures, and with smart dimming technology, the pictures become better.


You may also configure the settings for the pictures – simply select “Calibrated” and you could adjust the colors of the pictures.


The app ‘home dock’ can also be customized based on your preferences.


picture settings


One con given by customers is that it’s only has 2.4 GHz speed for WiFi.


When Internet via WiFi becomes unreliable, you may count on Ethernet connectivity instead.


Another suggestion by a customer is to place your TV near your router.


should i buy a smart tv




The customers also loved the light and slim package from Vizio.


According to them, buying this set was worth their money.


Its sleek design likewise matches any household that prefers minimalist aesthetics.


Moreover, Vizio has a QWERTY keyboard on its remote control.


While other smart TVs have fancy virtual keyboards, Vizio’s control panels are easily navigated and provide room for your fingers.


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With all the smart LED TVs out there, you will never go wrong with Vizio E700i.


You will definitely have a better viewing experience with all the vivid images and impressive sound qualities.


You will enjoy breathtaking scenes and vivid images from your favorite films.


Seamless transfer of content from your other devices to your TV.


It is high time that you check out the Vizio E700i and prepare for a unique and ultimate experience.




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