Best 48-inch Led TV from Samsung Review

Product Name:Samsung 48-Inch Smart TV
Model #:UN48H6350
Screen size:42.3'' x 24.8'' x 2.5''
Display Technology:LED

Have you ever watched your favorite television show or film at home, only to get disappointed because you couldn’t get that “awesome” viewing experience others have been talking about?


Have you ever imagined watching shows in all their vivid color and imagery and fantastic, almost real sound effects?


Have you ever thought that a surreal viewing experience could actually be provided by the right electronic equipment?


Samsung un48h6350 48-inch 1080p 120hz smart LED TV


Good thing Samsung’s smart LED TV is here to give you the best film viewing experience at home that you’ll ever get.


But before you start asking yourself, “Do I need a smart TV?” you better read what makes this top rated smart TV a hot item in anyone’s living room.


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The Samsung 48 inch TV in a Nutshell

If you are after a unique viewing experience, this TV would undoubtedly do the job.


It lets you easily navigate the entertainment world without the complicated remote control panels.


With just five simple menus, you’ll  know how to use a smart TV.


These five panels are Smart TV apps, music and photos, On TV, social media, and On-Demand.


samsung un48h6350 48-inch 1080p 120hz smart led tv


In addition, these panels help you gain better ground when searching for the right channel, or when you want to use your TV for other purposes, such as browsing your pictures.


What’s wonderful about this product is that it lets you multitask and use your other gadgets to switch between content. For example, you may use your phone to watch TV or share videos from one gadget to another.


If you are looking for a hassle-free viewing experience, then the Samsung 48 inch LED TV is the product for you.



Other Features of the Samsung LED TV

How different is this revolutionary television from others?


For one, a quad core processor powers this television, which allows for a more seamless and smoother Quad-Core-Processornavigation through channels and panels.


This quad core also reduces lags and prevents technical glitches from happening.


Because it is also “smarter” compared to other television sets, you get what you are looking for in a short span of time.


Another characteristic of this TV is its full high-definition resolution, which is two times better than the standard HD TVs.


The images and actions look so alive as if they are happening exactly where you are. Movements on the screen are also clear even during the fast-action moments.


Samsung has a Clear Motion Rate (CMR) of 240, which means that image processor speed, frame refresh rate, and backlight technology are utilized to their maximum so they could measure fast movements.full hd


The Samsung 48 inch LED TV also captures light and adapts according to its intensity, thereby automatically adjusting its brightness at your convenience.


Your eyes likewise get to feast on a wide array of colors, even for non-HD shows.


Should you become too tired to channel surf, or just too bored because you can’t watch anything, you can let your smart TV do the thinking for you.


It offers movies and films based on what’s trending right now or what’s on your preferred list.


This product can actually do more than just recommend TV shows and let you watch to your heart’s content.


You might be wondering, “How do smart TVs work?


But really, this brand new technology answers the question, “What more can this smart TV do?”


Expect to browse the Internet,  watch youtube, You could even go online shopping, or browse social media content.

Techies love how Samsung has merged entertainment, convenience, and geekery.


With Smart View 2.0, you can use your computer, phone, or tablet as a TV screen.


You could also control more than ten devices and streamline your device management.


This smart TV also offers apps for movie and video streaming, and games. Examples of these apps are Youtube, Netflix, and Hulu Plus.



Samsung LED TV’s Specifications

The Samsung smart LED TV measures at 42.3” x 24.8” x 2.5” (W x H x D) and consists of 4 HDMI, 1 component, 3 USB, and 1 composite.


A universal remote control is included in the package. The TV has a refresh rate of 120Hz and a CMR of 240. The product weighs 28.4 pounds.



Customer Reviews

According to customers, the pictures on the screen would look excellent if you change some settings.


Otherwise the images are decent enough. Once you have tweaked the settings a bit, you could enjoy the clear and crisp pictures and vivid colors.


The sound is likewise exceptional and can be amplified to your liking.


While some people may get intimidated by the technology, the panels have a user-friendly interface and generally, the product is manageable.




True to what Samsung promises, the clarity of pictures exceeds those of other HD TVs.


The graphics move smoothly and the whole scene on the screen is a sight to behold.


This is specifically evident on travel shows, where places look vivid and almost real to touch.


As a gaming hub, the Samsung smart TV also works fine, and there have been few, if not none, minor glitches, which settings configuration has been able to resolve.


The sounds can also be too loud, so be sure to turn the “amplify” settings off.



The sleek, minimalist design is also perfect for anyone who prefers to have wider space in their homes.


It is also a nice addition to your household, especially if you dislike bulky electronic equipment.


The aesthetics of the un48h6350 is executed with elegance and state-of-the-art technology that puts other high-definition televisions to shame.

un48 1led tv saleled tv ratings

Truly, the  Samsung un48h6350 LED TV does its job in changing the meaning of entertainment. This television is ahead of its time and one-of-a-kind.


With Samsung, you may now say goodbye to standard quality.


It is time to say hello to clear pictures and feel as if you were actually part of the show.


Get excellent viewing experience with the sounds and the ease of navigation through the channels.


Maximize the use of your Samsung 48 inch smart LED TV and amp up your browsing and gaming experience as well.


Just check the site and see for yourself how art and science merged to give you a memorable viewing experience.


Samsung un48h6350 48-inch 1080p 120hz Smart Led TV



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