Top 3 Rated 65-Inch VIZIO Smart LED TV Review- Best Bang for Your Buck

Product Name:VIZIO M65-C1 65-Inch 4K TV
Model #:M65-C1
Screen size:65" Inch
Display Technology:LED

With overabundant choices of Smart TVs, a client’s usual dilemma is if he is getting a good bang for his buck.


If you are looking for an affordable, but high quality Smart TV, then the Vizio 65 inch TV is your best choice.


The budget UHD set is not entirely perfect but it will give you good picture quality and a good viewing experience, notwithstanding some random motion blurs.


vizio first image


The 65 inch Vizio has low input lag and very good contrast ratio.


It also boasts of a smooth motion transition. You can enjoy the perks of a Smart TV at an affordable price.


Check it out for yourself.

vizio 65 inch tv


Main Feature: Simple Smart TV


You will find that the 65 inch Vizio M series are very competitive Smart TVs.


The M65c1, for one, balances the value of your money with amazing features including passive 3D, local dimming, Spatial Scaling and the Smart TV platform.


vizio active-zones


It comes with 32 active LED on a full array backlight that produces superior light uniformity, high contrast and black levels.


It also has Active Pixels that allow the user to increase the accuracy and crispness of the pictures using adjustments to brightness and contrast.


Smart TV technology via the Vizio Internet Apps Plus will allow users to access various movies, TV shows and other entertainment features.


It also has automatic updates and improvements and is easier to navigate with the App Launcher.  


vizio 65 inch tv


The HDMI support for the Vizio 65 inch 4k tv allows playback on Ultra HD platform for game consoles, Blu-ray players, cable receivers and even satellite dishes.


The Spatial scaling engine converts regular 720 or 1080p shows into Ultra HD for a great cinematic experience.


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Other exciting main features of the Vizio are the smooth motion effect and the passive 3D.


With a native refresh rate of 240Hz, its smooth motion feature of the Vizio is practically in line with most 70 inch Smart LED TVs.


It eliminates the motion lag and judder. You can enjoy watching live sports without the unwelcome blurs.


With the Theater 3D, the Vizio can display 3D content that is less complicated. It comes with 4 pairs of 3D glasses that allow you to enjoy rich 3D quality images.


Second Main Feature:  Design and Picture Quality

The design of the M65c1 65 inch Vizio looks high-end and it is sturdy with cast metal feet and a wide stand.


It is sleek at just 6.6 cm thick and its slim black bezel measure 1.5 cm. The overall profile is thin and sleek.

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This model comes with preset picture modes that that you can select to enjoy overall good picture quality.


You will find it has excellent brightness levels and good saturation in blacks.


The picture settings are calibrated in a way that the color renditions are accurate tho not as crisp as some of the more higher end TV’s.


vizio picture settings



Preset picture modes include Vivid, Standard, Game, Computer and Calibrated. The Vivid Mode is over amplified while the Standard has a 50 brightness and 80 contrast setting.


The Game mode is designed to minimize the lag time that involves refresh rate, internal processing and LED lighting.


The calibrated & computer modes both provide warm color temp, 11 point white balance adjustments, and greens look more natural and not overly saturated.


The M65c1 comes with a local dimming feature, the black uniformity is at 0.723 standard dev and grey uniformity at 3.743 standard dev and .198% DSE.


In a bright room, the motion interpolation for reducing motion blur is 60fps and for reducing jagger, 30 fps.



Quick Specifications

65 inch TV Dimensions:

  • 65 inches, measured diagonally
  • With a stand: 57.45 in. W x 35.45 in. H x 10.12 in. D
  • Without a stand: 57.45 in. W x 33.34 in. H x 2.13 in. D


  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Full HD
  • Smart TV that supports Ultra HD streaming
  • Clear Action 720 and Refresh Rate of 240 Hz
  • Side Inputs: Two HDMI, One USB, One Component In, One Composite In
  • Rear Inputs: Four HDMI, One RF In, One RCA Audio Out, One Digital Optical Audio Out,1 Ethernet
  • Power Consumption: 113 W (Min) and 250 W (Max)
  • Pixels Boot Time 22.57s
  • LED Backlight
  • Wifi at Dual Band 802.11 AC or 1300 MBPS
  • Firmware: 1.0.6
  • Four 3D glasses to enjoy Vizio Theater 3D



The M65c1 65 inch Vizio is the most affordable Smart TV in the market today that offers the best value.


Competition may come from the Vizio M652i-B2 65-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV (2014 Model) and the Vizio P652ui-B2 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED HDTV (2014 Model), but the M65c1 remains the best choice.


Vizio VS


The Vizio M652i-B2 offers excellent rendition of colors and a full array of local dimming, however it produces lags when you are navigating the menus using the remote control.


The sound quality, compared to the M65c1 is also sub-par. You will have to utilize a surround sound bar to enjoy good sound quality.

m652i 2nd place

The Vizio P652ui-B2 comes with upscaled content but is entirely dependent on the source.


Some sources produce dull or washed out colors.


Also, the viewing angle becomes difficult because the more you get further from the screen, the less appealing it looks.


However, it is good to ise for games on Xbox 1. There is no available 4k content on this model, too.

P65ui-b2 review


Strengths of the M65c1: Perfect mix of price and feature values, excellent quality of passive 3D, great amount of options, 4 HDMI inputs, and reasonable Smart TV apps.

vizio 65 inch tv

Shortcomings: the high backlight may produce some uniformity concerns and the off center contrast will degrade the colors when positioned at side angles.


The TV does not have any physical buttons and you have to rely on the remote control’s functionality.


Additionally, its viewing angle is at 19°, quite a poor angle because the Vizio loses saturation once it is off-axis.


Despite the handicaps of the M65c1, the open TV design is fantastic and the overall quality of the 2D picture is passable.


Motion blur does not affect all transitions and should not be an issue, except for video games.


The price of the M65c1 is its most popular selling point and you will get the best value for your money.


Get the best vizio 65 inch tv today!





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